Trump's 'Manchurian Cabinet:' Whose side is he on, anyway?

Fareed Zakaria wants to know why Donald Trump seems determined to enable Vladimir Putin's geopolitical agenda.

Meanwhile, Nina Khruschevena (yes, "Daughter of Khruschev") explores Trump's 'Manchurian Cabinet-' a set of foreign policy advisors designed to provide a plot for a paranoid 1950's movie so over the top that it would be laughable if it didn't appear to be actually happening.

There comes a point at which Trump's extensive Russian holdings and his pronounced tilt toward Vladimir Putin's murderous regime are going to start raising eyebrows even among those determined to give the president-elect the benefit of every conceivable doubt. And it will be quite a role reversal if a Republican president starts being accused by Democrats of being loyal to Russia rather than to the United States. But giving Mr. Trump- well, the benefit of every conceivable doubt, he's going to have to develop an awareness of how much appearances matter.

Billboards are starting to be raised by Putin loyalists displaying portraits of Trump along with those of Putin. I am not saying at this point that we should be worried by that. But he jolly well should be!

HT: Real Clear World