A petulant little boy

I agree with every word Meryl Streep said about Donald Trump at the Golden Globe Awards.

I also agree with Meghan McCain's criticism of Streep's statement: that one of the things that elected Trump was the feeling on the part of many people in America that they were constantly being sneered at by the cultural elites and that Ms. Streep's speech inevitably sounded to them like yet another case of that happening.

Ms. Streep was exactly right. Evil is evil, and one does not turn evil into good by failing to call it what it is. But how does one respectfully tell others that they're being played for fools., and enabling evil to boot?

But the truly disturbing thing about the incident is that when Ms. Streep criticized him, Trump couldn't simply ignore her. He never can simply ignore his critics. He can't resist validating them.  He's the President-elect of the United States. He can trivialize what anybody says about him by simply treating it as beneath his notice. But instead, he always insists on descending to their level- and beneath it. Like a petulant little boy, he had to do in Ms. Streep's case what he always does when he's criticized: fire back with a stupid comment personally attacking his critic in terms having nothing to do with the criticism.

If you criticize our President-elect, he will stick his tongue out at you. He cannot stop himself from foregoing the advantage the dignity of his position gives him and making himself look petty and childish,

This is textbook narcissist stuff, right out of DSM-V. Have you no pride, Mr. Trump? Dumb question. Let me rephrase. Don't you realize that every time you do this, you're the one who loses? Don't you see that when you condescend to fire back and especially when you do it so childishly, you forfeit the high ground your position affords you?

Sir, you're seventy years old. In a few weeks, you will become the President of the United States. Isn't it time you grew up?


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