And you wonder why so many of us are worried about Trump?

Donald Fredovich conducted a "sting" operation recently to find a "leak" in the intelligence community that might expose classified information- or rather, to prove that if there was one it would come from the intelligence committee rather than from his personal staff. 

He deliberately didn't tell his personal staff about a meeting with intelligence officials so that if it was in the newspapers it would be clear that the intelligence community leaked it. Sure enough, it turned up in the papers. Busted, right?

Well, no. You see, the fact that PEOTUS was having an intelligence briefing isn't classified information. The contents of the briefing, yes. But not the mere fact that it was taking place, which is fair game for the news media.

Two predictions: things like this will keep happening in the next four years, proving further that Donald Trump has absolutely no idea what he's doing when it comes to any aspect of his new job.

My second prediction is that Trumpistas won't care, and will come out with a million reasons why it's not only perfectly OK for POTUS to be clueless but a good idea.

Murder. Fifth Avenue. Broad daylight. In fact, I think I'm going to make that a new label for this blog. I expect to be using it a lot by the time Mike Pence or Tim Kaine or Ted Cruz takes over from Orange Julius.

Pray for Gen. Mattis's powers of persuasion.