Credit where due: Bravo to President Trump for the Gorsuch nomination

In Neil Gorsuch, President Trump has picked a worthy successor to Antonin Scalia and hopefully taken the first step toward saving the Constitution from those who want to use judicial power to remake it in their own image.

While I opposed Mr. Trump during the campaign, and still do, I acknowledged then and repeat now that the one good reason for supporting him is saving the Court and the Constitution. Merrick Garland was not an appointment worth celebrating, and neither would any nominee appointed by Hillary Clinton. Mr. Trump deserves high praise for this fine selection and has done the Republic a signal service in making it.

The Democrats in the Senate appear determined to make hypocrites out of themselves by filibustering this nomination only months after complaining that the Republican-controlled Senate refused to act on the Garland nomination. This is to be expected. It seems that what is stubborn obstructionism when their man in is in the White House becomes a sacred duty when a Republican is in office.

So on this issue, at least, I am in Donald Trump's corner. So should every American who believes that the Constitution should be read for what the words say, and not for what ideologically-driven judges wish they said.

Here is a somewhat more detailed analysis of Justice-designate Gorsuch from SCOTUSblog.


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