He's actually going to try to do it!

NEOTUS* signed an executive order today to build that wall on the Mexican border and repeated his crazy statement that Mexico would reimburse the United States for it.

Aside from the fact that Congress will never authorize the... er, YUGE expenditure required to build the absurdly impractical structure and that Mexico obviously will never do any such thing, it appears that all hopes of President Trump coming to his senses and governing like a rational human being have been dashed. He's going to govern as the loose cannon he ran as- and the result, to mix a metaphor, will be a train wreck.

This four years will be an entertaining comedy act- or would be if the safety of America and the well-being of its people were not at stake.  The man seems to be genuinely out of touch with reality and determined to make a fool of himself before history and the world.

Which would be fine, if he weren't making the United States look as ridiculous as he is.

*NEOTUS- National Embarrassment Of The United States


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