It's a legitimate question, alas: Whose side is Trump on?

Even in the face of evidence to the contrary and with none at all to support his position, President-elect Trump has been staunch and insistent on one thing: defending Vladimir Putin and the Russian party line.

Given his open admiration of the Russian dictator (and Putin's open praise and covert efforts to aid Trump's campaign), his Russian investments (of which he refuses to divest himself, being willing only to put them in a trust to be administered by his children!) and his apparent inability to distinguish between the national interests of Russia and those of the United States, Evan McMullin asks a perfectly legitimate question: are we about to inaugurate a president who will put Russia's interests before our own?

Even if it's done in ignorance- a commodity in which Mr. Trump abounds- the evidence so far is not encouraging. And remember: he will be in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution the moment he takes the oath. Combine all that with his frequently-demonstrated ignorance of that Constitution and contempt for the Bill of Rights, and it's hard to avoid the conclusion that the administration of the most ill-equipped and unfit man ever to assume the presidency is not going to end well.

Donald Trump has a lifelong habit of playing fast and loose with the law. I don't think that's going to change. This time, though, the world will be watching- and while his admirers probably won't care, getting away with his antics is going to be kind of tough from this point on.