President Trump is already making history!

Here he is, only three days into his presidency, and NEOTUS* has already accomplished something unique and historic.

Consider the net positive Gallup popularity ratings of the past 13 incoming presidents.

Harry Truman entered office with an 87% approval rating, with three percent disapproving- a net approval rating of +84%.

Ike became president with a 68% approval rating, with seven percent disapproving- a net +61% positive rating.

Jack Kennedy took the oath with a 72% approval rating. Six percent disapproved. That gave him a net +66% rating.

Lyndon Johnson had a 78% approval rating when he became president, with only two percent disapproving. That's a net +76% rating.

Richard Nixon had a 59% approval rating and a five percent disapproval rating when he became president. Net rating: +54%.

Gerald Ford had a 71% approval rating when Nixon resigned. Three percent disapproved. Ford had a net popularity of +68%.

Jimmy Carter took office with 66% approving and eight percent disapproving, a net rating of +58%.

Ronald Reagan had a 55% approval rating four years later, with 18% disapproving, for a +37% positive rating.

George H.W. Bush had only a 51% positive rating, but only six percent disapproved, leaving him with a +54% rating.

Bill Clinton took office with 58% approving and a relatively large 20% disapproving. However, that was still good for a net +38% rating.

George W. Bush had a 55% positive rating and a 25% negative rating after the contentious 2000 election. That still left him with a +32% rating.

Barack Obama, our first African-American president, took office with a 68% positive rating and a 12% negative rating, for a net popularity of +56%.

Since 1945, the average president has entered office with a 66% approval rating and a ten percent negative rating, with a differential of +56%.

Donald Trump has taken office with a 45% positive rating and a 45% negative rating, for a net popularity of zero.

George W. Bush was a divisive president I supported. Barack Obama was a divisive president I did not support. Richard Nixon was divisive. Ronald Reagan was divisive. Lyndon Johnson was divisive. Jimmy Carter was divisive. Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump's defeated opponent, was about as divisive as they come. But when it comes to divisiveness, Donald John Trump is in a class by himself among modern presidents.

When it comes to divisiveness,  The Donald is Abraham Lincoln without the Abraham Lincoln-ness.

Now, about that "mandate" Mr. Trump has because of his "landslide" victory he won while losing the popular vote, Trump fans...

*NEOTUS: National Embarrassment Of The United States


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