Sad but true: Foreign tyrants will play Trump like a piano

There are lots of drawbacks to having a narcissist as President of the United States. One of them is that any enemy of our country can get him to do pretty much anything by just manipulating his emotions.

Friends too, of course. It's no secret in any capital of the world that our incoming president is as playable as a routine ground ball. Over the next several months it will become all too clear for anyone but a Trump fan (a group of people who, as The Donald once bragged, would still support him if he committed murder in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue in New York) that even if it were not for his instability, stubbornness, profound ignorance and deep personal corruption he would still be an unprecedented threat to our national security.

The magnitude of the blunder made by the strategically-located minority of the American people who voted for the man in November will take a while to become undeniable to the non-lobotomized among us.  Die-hard Trump supporters, of course, have never been inclined to let facts get in the way of their lockstep following of Orange Julius, and probably never will. But with every ill-advised tweet and blast of empty bluster, he's proving his critics right before he's even inaugurated.


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