The farce begins... and it's not pretty

Fox News has completed its transition from a useful counterbalance to the left-wing bias of the rest of the national media to the propaganda arm of Our Inglorious Leader.

George Will, Ed Rollins, Marvin Kalb, Cal Thomas and Stacy Dash have been let go by Pravda Fox News. Is not safe to depart from party line, comrades!

Meanwhile, the cable propaganda arm of the Trumpista movement has hired British demagogue Nigel Farage as a contributor.

And in Langley, Our National Embarrassment did it again. At the CIA's Memorial Wall of Agency Heroes, where operatives who have lost their lives in the service of our country are memorialized,  the Orange One indulged his unbecoming thin-skinned pettiness and trivialized their sacrifice, complaining about media reports about the size of his inaugural crowd. The visit was intended to smooth over relations with the agency, strained by the new president's bizarre refusal to accept its conclusions concerning the hacking of DNC email servers by order of his hero, Vladimir Putin.


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