The long-delayed Trump encounter with reality begins

I've been amused for a year now by the ominous-sounding threat Trump supporters are fond of that we who disapprove of Orange Julius are in for a sobering "confrontation with reality"  once Donald Trump takes office. The nature of the threat is vague, and Trump's nomination (with well under half the Republican primary vote) and surprise election (with fewer popular votes than his main opponent) seem to have left them with the erroneous impression that they would know reality if it bit them in the leg.

Today ABC and the Washington Post came out with a poll which reveals that Donald Fredovich is the least popular incoming president in 40 years. After the bitterly divisive 2000 election, George W. Bush came into office with a 56% approval rating; Trump will take office on Friday with only 40% approving.

54% see Trump unfavorably and 52% say that he isn't qualified to be president. They're right, of course. The one bright spot for Trump is that six and ten expect him to do an excellent job on the economy and job creation. This seems to indicate that he has succeeded in selling at least a majority of the American people on the inaccurate notion that he has a record in the private sector that justifies such confidence. There are probably going to be some very disillusioned people in America four years from now not only with the Trump Administration's performance in general but specifically with the effect of Mr. Trump's economic policies.

Trump's reaction is predictable. He claims that the poll- like those which showed him trailing Hillary Clinton prior to the election- are "rigged." Reality will take a long time to confront Trump and his followers. But with numbers like that, the confrontation, when it comes, will not be pretty.


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