The Senate Democrats revert to form

Q; What changes faster than a Trump campaign promise once Trump is elected?

A: The Democrats' position on the proper role of the opposition party in the Senate when a Republican president is elected.

Chuck Schumer, the new Senate Minority leader, says that the Democrats (who only months ago were horrified at the notion of a Supreme Court nominee being opposed on ideological grounds) will fight any Trump Supreme Court nominee who isn't "mainstream" (i.e., a social radical who believes in effectively amending the Constitution by judicial fiat) "tooth and nail."

No surprise there from the party which gave rise to the term "to Bork a nominee" when it rejected President Reagan's nomination of the brilliant Robert Bork to the Court because it didn't like his fidelity to the Constitution as written. The silver lining: the Democrats don't have the votes in the Senate to stop Trump from nominating a worthy successor to Antonin Scalia, or for that matter any of the other justices who retire or die in the next four years. So the one valid reason for voting for Donald Fredovich remains valid.


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