Common sense from Kelly, and an anthem for the Trump movement

At least one member of the Trump administration not only has his head on straighter than most but has cut to the chase on what we really have to do to solve the problem of illegal immigration.

Increased border security is required, sure. But if you really want to halt the flood of undocumented immigrants, do what Homeland Security Secretary and retired Marine general John F. Kelly recommends: everything in our power to support and bolster Mexico's economy, so that people will have no motive for trying to sneak into the United States.

Instead, the Trump administration is talking about blackmailing Mexico by threatening to hurt its economy. Taxing Mexican goods imported into the United States in order to pay for Mr. Trump's mythical wall will not simply mean that it will still be the American taxpayer who foots the bill. It will also increase the motive for poverty-stricken Mexican seeking a better life to sneak across the border!

By the way... come to think of it, wouldn't Pink Floyd's "Just Another Brick in the Wall" be a great anthem for the entireTrump movement? Not just the title, either. Consider the lyrics!


SteveH said…
Kinda hard to help a country's economy when that country's government is mucho corrupto.
Mexico's government IS corrupt, but that wouldn't stop us from helping to stimulate it. And it certainly is no excuse for making it worse as a form of showboating.

The only way to stop the problem of illegal immigration is to address the causes. 45 isn't into addressing causes. He's into self-promotion. The wall is nothing but self-promotion, and hurting Mexico's economy by passing some small portion of the expense of a wall that will never be built in any case will only make things a little worse.

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