Trump's bizarre, bullying phone calls to the leaders of friendly nations can't be tolerated

Please.  Just READ this.

And when you're done,  read this.

Know that Australia is the most loyal ally America has, more loyal even than the Brits or the Canadians. They fought by our side in Vietnam. They fought by our side in the Second Gulf War. They have stood by us when nobody else would. If the UK is our mother country, the Aussies are out brothers. Each of us as individuals would be blessed to have a friend in our personal lives as loyal and as staunch as Australia has been to the United States down through the years, and remains today.

Depending on how you count, Mexico is either our second or our third largest trading partner. President Trump has already alienated them to the point where they're looking to China to trade with instead of with us. And even if this were not the case you don't threaten to invade a neighboring country if it doesn't solve its own domestic problems. Not if you're of sound mind, anyway.

This is not the way a country should treat its friends. This is not the way a head of state should treat even unfriendly heads of state. You know. Like Vladimir Putin, President Trump's hero. John McCain, who would have been an infinitely better president than either Trump or Hillary, has done his best to clean up the mess. But there's only a certain amount a U.S. senator can do to fix the messes an erratic and incompetent president gets us into.

Donald Trump is a loose cannon. He is absolutely and unequivocally unfit temperamentally and psychologically to be President of the United States. He has been obviously unfit for literally years. But at this point, all doubt should have vanished. This kind of erratic and abusive behavior is simply unacceptable in a president. One wonders whether after four years of Donald Trump we'll have any allies left!

People who were either hopelessly out of touch with reality themselves and prone to crazy and simplistic solutions to complex problems or obsessed with Hillary Clinton were- and are- in denial about what has been so obvious for so long. The man is a clear and present danger to the nation and needs to be removed from office either by impeachment or under the 25th Amendment before he alienates any more of our friends or helps any more of our enemies.

Donald Trump is, and always has been, a bully at heart. It's bad enough when someone bullies the weak who are not in a position to hurt that person. But when he bullies his best friends, who wish him well and want nothing more than his own welfare and who are in a position to cost him dearly by withdrawing their friendship, the issue goes beyond being a bully. The issue becomes one of psychological stability. And when the man in question is the President of the United States, he becomes a serious threat to our national security and welfare.

The moment is going to come when those who are in denial about Donald Trump will have to acknowledge the obvious and plain truth about him. The question is how much damage he will do to America before that point comes, and constitutional means are used to stop him.

And by the way, how does Drudge react to these bizarre conversations by the President of the United States? He wonders who leaked the transcripts of the conversations!

Dude, d'ya think maybe it might have been the Mexicans and the Aussies? In their shoes, I sure would!

Apparently, the same thought has occurred to Drudge. He's deleted the tweet in which he asked the question.

ADDENDUM: Or not. Mexico is denying the most incendiary part of the story concerning the conversation between the presidents of Mexico and the United States, Mr.  Trump's threat to send American troops into Mexico.


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