POTUS has decided it might be OK after all for non-violent illegal immigrants who work and pay taxes to stay in America. No citizenship unless they entered as children, and he still wants to deport violent criminals and strengthen border security.

Which is actually quite reasonable in broad outline. No midnight raids. No mass deportations of peaceful and (now) law-abiding people. Lose the delusion that he's going to build a wall across the entire border (much less make Mexico pay for it), and it might even be the basis for the compromise which he's now uncharacteristically saying he's looking for on immigration.

In a rare burst of apparent humility, Mr. Trump has even given his F- level performance on communication with the American people a C.

So will the border hawks buy it? Are the Trump fanatics really willing to follow The Donald wherever he leads, or will they feel betrayed? Just how blind is Trump-worship, anyway?

The president will also address health care tonight. It should be an interesting evening. His statements, his positions, and his very persona have dug himself a hole with the American people it will be hard to climb out of, and today's changes- welcome though they are- do nothing to dispel his well-earned image as impulsive and unstable.

But let's hear what the man has to say.

ADDENDUM: As it turns out, nothing much. More blaming foreigners for all our problems,  lots of big talk, lots of  (largely unwarranted) self-congratulation, lots of self-promotion- and not much substance.


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