Republican nevermore

Heather Simms and Karlyn Bowman of Forbes report that Republicans are solidly behind President Trump and that the opposition to him now comes almost entirely from the Left.

But the analysis fails to take into account people like me, who left the Republican party because of Trump and are now independents. We weren't taken into account by the poll on which they base their conclusions, and as a result, Simms and Bowman greatly underestimate our numbers.

But the poll does reinforce my observation that the break decent and non-self-deluded Republicans have made with the Republican party is permanent, and not merely a temporary disaffection such as occurred, say, in 1964 with Republicans or in 1972 with Democrats. Any party which could get this solidly behind a man like Donald Trump is a party with which I want absolutely nothing to do, now or in the future.

For better or for worse, the McMullin movement clearly seems to be the lifeboat for those conservatives who stand for the values Republicans have traditionally stood for, and not merely against immigrants, the media, the poor, and the Bill of Rights.


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