This man must be contained

From the Bowling Green Massacre and the FBI's duel-purpose microwaves to POTUS's fantasies about his predecessor spying on him, it's becoming harder and harder to even take this administration seriously. And it was never easy, to begin with.

We knew what this guy was when he announced his candidacy for president. Or at least those of us who were not buried so deep in denial that we refused to pay attention did. To the right is the New York Daily News front page that day. With every outrageous statement ("Obama was born in Kenya," for example, or "Ted Cruz's dad conspired with Oswald to kill JFK"), every promise to compromise the Bill of Rights and every threat against those who opposed him, it became clearer and clearer that his man was simply not fit to lead an eighth-grade class, much less the nation. Every lie (by one estimate during the campaign, one every five minutes) and every crazy promise (the impractical, outrageously expensive and physically unbuildable border wall that came to virtually symbolize his campaign comes to mind; I'm surprised he didn't appoint Pink Floyd en masse to his Cabinet) it became clearer and clearer that the man was simply not in touch with reality. Yet understandable revulsion at Hillary Clinton caused people who should have known better to overlook all of this.

Fine. They could have voted for McMullin. Or they could have come to their senses and stopped the takeover of the Republican party by the ignorant and the crazy in the first place.

The world is laughing at us. Donald Trump's instability and incompetence have diminished not only the presidency but America itself.  It's frightening that such a man has his finger on the nuclear trigger. But it's not necessary to embrace the worst- case scenario to recognize that the damage this man is doing to the country must be contained.

The grownups in the administration- SecDef Mattis and NSA McMaster come to mind- need to take whatever steps are necessary to safeguard the nation and minimize the damage. Removal of Mr. Trump under the 25th Amendment may not yet be feasible. But this man is capable of doing some pretty crazy things and says  (or tweets) crazy things almost daily. He is alienating our allies right and left and is making our nation harder and harder for anybody to take seriously. He has to be reigned in.

Whatever it takes, gentlemen.


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