On being the Christian Church in a post-Christian culture

We live in an emotion-driven, post-rational age. Christianity is confused with "moralistic therapeutic deism" by MOST American Christians. Biblical, church historical, and theological illiteracy has reached incredible levels even among professing believers. We as a society have redefined marriage, and are in the process of even trying to redefine gender! Theological orthodoxy exists in profound disjunction with basic Christian compassion for the poor. It seems that both within the Church and without, we've lost contact not only with the substance of Christianity but with the notion that we are under any particular obligation to reality!

As our culture drowns in biblical ignorance, hedonistic libertarianism and individualism run amok, and the media and public education become devices for propagandizing our youth and catechizing them in the faith of secularism, how should- how can- Christians respond? Here Pastor Todd Wilken and Eastern Orthodox author Todd Dreher discuss one possibility.


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