The Susan Rice story is a scam. The FBI's investigation of the Trump campaign is not.

Trump supporters generally fall into one of two categories. Either they're tinfoil hat-wearing Alt-Righters, or they're in denial.

The lengths to which Trumpers will go to deny reality are amazing. You've probably come across some demanding the FBI's and CIA's evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC, or that the president is compromised by his contacts and those of his campaign with the Russians. Well, here's a chance to call their bluff.

Louise Mensch is a reporter, a naturalized American citizen who was born in Britain. In fact, she's a former MP! She has covered the story since its inception; her sources, as you might imagine, are awesome. She's the one who broke the story about the FISA warrant granted to the FBI in connection with its ongoing investigation into the matter.

She has a blog where she has posted her findings, along with conjecture about where the investigation is going. Some of her conjecture has already proven true. Some of this information is not available to the public at this point.

If you want to answer the Trumpbots, or simply to be informed about the latest concerning RussiaGate, you can find what you want to know here.

Oh. And in case you haven't figured this out yet, the Susan Rice business is a diversion, an attempt to distract the American people from the unraveling RussiaGate scandal. In other words, to coin a phrase, it's "fake news."