This is just nuts

American college campuses have long since ceased to be places where free inquiry and the debate of ideas is welcomed. Instead, they've largely become institutions for indoctrinating students into far left political viewpoints. That one can flunk a course for disagreeing with a professor's politics, while unconscionable, un-American, and a violation of everything that higher education is supposed to be about, is a well-established reality on American campuses. But this......

It seems that a professor at Washington State University, Selena Lester Breikss, "corrects" students who refer to others as "men" or "women" and will penalize and even fail them if they persist in such "oppressive" and "hateful" language. And she has plenty of company among faculty members at her institution prepared to abuse their authority to punish people who happen not to hold their extreme, bizarre social and political attitudes.

Remember, this is a state university. Nor is this kind of nonsense unusual at such institutions. That the legality of such inappropriate and abusive behavior by faculty members of public institutions is at best dubious and that it is utterly intolerable for anyone who values freedom of thought, discourse and inquiry go without saying.


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