Trump made the right call on Syria, but he's dangerously erratic

I've made it a point to praise actions by President Trump when he does something right, and I plan to continue to do so.

Well, he did something right tonight in Syria. It's especially impressive in view of his ties and those of senior members of his administration to Russia and Vladimir Putin, who are almost as deeply in love with Bashar al-Assad as Mr. Trump is with them.

Putin will not be pleased. Good.

But there's still a problem. Only a week ago Mr. Trump was vocally opposed to any American military action in Syria. Having a man as impulsive and erratic as Donald Trump in the White House is dangerous. World leaders need to know what to expect from the President of the United States. As much as I approve of Mr. Trump's action in Syria, this is one more example of the kind of instability on Mr. Trump's part that does not bode well for the international order and world peace.