Is POTUS crooked or just really, really inept at PR?

First, President Trump fires the FBI director in the middle of an FBI investigation of his campaign. And now he says that maybe he'll release his tax returns- after he leaves office.

Why doesn't he get "I'm hiding something!" tattooed on his forehead while he's at it? Even if his firing of Director Comey was just one of his erratic impulses and there's nothing embarrassing on his tax returns (like the amount of income he's received from Russian investments, for example, or huge losses as a result of mismanagement of his businesses), he's making it look like he's stonewalling about something major. He ought to know that all he's doing is building speculation as to what he's trying to hide.

The smart move would be for him to release his returns now. This kind of arrogance can only go on for so long before his bluff gets called, perhaps even by his sycophantic Congress. The longer he waits, the worse it looks.

Graphic: Donkey Hotey


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