Is Trump unhinged, or just not housebroken?

The President of the United States has arrogantly cut short an interview and imperiously dismissed a reporter who dared persist in a line of questioning he didn't like. His lack of courtesy and inability to behave with decorum is the least of the problem here.

Donald Trump's attitude isn't simply obnoxious. When he acts this way, he is disrespectful not simply toward the media but toward all of us. He may not be accountable to the media, but even though he seems to be in denial about the fact he jolly well is accountable to the American people- even in non-election years!

Yet those who have chosen to let him to their thinking for them will doubtless justify this bizarre behavior somehow. That business about his not losing any votes even if he committed murder on Fifth Avenue in New York at high noon still applies. The Trump movement is a movement rooted in delusion and irrationality, and the irrational among us can't be distracted from their delusions by anything as trivial as reality.

The man is beyond arrogant and childish. What has been clear as crystal since long before he announced his candidacy is becoming more and more obvious every day: the President of the United States is not psychologically well. His grandiosity, his delusions, and his paranoia ought to be scaring the living hell out of all of us.

Those who have turned off their minds and continue to excuse his every lapse of basic good manners, display of gross ignorance, and paranoid delusions will doubtless continue to do so and will rationalize literally everything he does and says. But the man will still be nuts, and utterly unfit for the position a minority of the electorate was foolish enough to put him in.


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