Ok. Let me get this straight.

Our allegedly Republican president has called the Germans "bad, very bad" because they sell lots of automobiles in the United States and the balance of trade is unfavorable to us.

Would it be a moral failing in the United States to have a favorable balance of trade with another country? And in what universe does a conservative of any description complain about the unfairness of free markets and promise to fix things so that they aren't free anymore?

Further, what is he going to do when the Germans retaliate against American-manufactured goods and the balance of trade gets even worse?

The other day I had an Englishman at Reddit point out to me that our allies all know that we have a doofus in charge temporarily and that it will be all over in four years, so we shouldn't worry about Trump permanently alienating any of them. If so, I can only admire the forbearance of our allies- and deplore the lack of conviction displayed by free-market conservatives who support this guy.

Graphic by DonkeyHotey