So much for "America First"

Here's what Evan McMullin has to say about the events of the past week or so:

Last Tuesday, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey amid the investigation into Trump and Russian influence.

The very next day, according to multiple credible press reports, Trump revealed highly-classified intelligence critical to the fight against ISIS in a private meeting with Russian officials—posing for photos with Russian state-sponsored media while denying access to U.S. journalists.

It's clear that President Trump seeks to whitewash the Russia investigation and avoid accountability with little regard for the democratic norms that protect the health and security of America. So much for country first.

Now, we all must step up to hold Trump accountable when his actions make America vulnerable. Trump's affinity for Putin's regime raises troubling questions about their influence over him.

When Trump fired Comey—admitting that the FBI's ongoing Russia probe was "on his mind"—it seemed like Congress might finally act to establish a select committee to investigate.

And now, as events take a turn for the worse, Congress must do so.

When the President of the United States intentionally subverts an FBI investigation into his relationship with a foreign adversary—and, a day later, impulsively shares critical intelligence with our adversaries while shutting out American journalists—it reflects the erosion of American liberty.

We must step up the pressure on Congress—and demand that they establish an independent investigation into Trump and Russia that Americans can trust. With the FBI's investigation potentially in jeopardy, we need an intervention before it's too late.

Stand Up Republic will blanket our latest video across social media, to alert the American people about the dangers that Trump poses to our democracy.

And here it is:


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