Trump's loudmouthed lies about our allies have consequences

After President Trump publically humiliated her by refusing to shake her hand,  repeatedly lied about Germany's meeting its NATO obligations, and called Germany "terrible" for having a favorable balance of trade with us, Chancellor Angela Merkel says that the U.S., like EU-renouncing Britain, is no longer a "reliable partner."

Europe, she says, will have to stand on its own.

When you elect an erratic, impulsive,  demagogic, loud-mouthed ignoramus as President of the United States, this is what happens. Your reputation in the world plummets. People don't trust you anymore. You lose allies. Your place in the world deteriorates, your economic status declines, and you become a global laughingstock.

And the ill-informed among you- whether willfully ill-informed or not- remain without a clue.

Graphic: DonkeyHotey


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