Trump's problem: How would you blame the Democrats for this?

This New York Times headline says it all: "Trump, in Wake of Deal to Avoid a Shutdown Now, Calls for One Latter."

You may recall that the crazies who are the majority in the Know Nothing Republican party these days had the bright idea a few years ago of trying to play hardball with President Obama by not passing a budget or even continuing resolutions to keep the government in operation. And then they were surprised when the public got angry at them when the government, you know, shut down. Sure, President Obama wasn't blameless in the affair either, but he managed to avoid misplaying the situation badly enough to make himself the bad guy in the eyes of the electorate. Ted Cruz and the other crazies in the GOP didn't.

Well, we've just avoided another shutdown-and Pennywise President Trump has advanced the odd idea that a shutdown would actually be a good thing, and even necessary for a party which controls the presidency and both houses of Congress to get its agenda passed.

What does it say about the Republican party that it has to shut down the government to intimidate itself into getting its own agenda passed? The whole logic (?) of this latest presidential non-sequitur is fascinating. It reminds me of the old joke about my Bears showing up a day early for the Green Bay game, and scoring in three plays. 

Except if Orange Julius and his party are as inept as his statement would indicate, it would probably be a safety.


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