We need a grownup to take charge of this guy

Remember Hillary's unsecured email server?

Earth to President Trump: cell phones aren't secure either! Yet POTUS is inviting world leaders to ring him up on his cell.

Burning Israeli agents in a pointless brag to Russian diplomats might have been technically legal, even though a violation of his oath of office and probably an impeachable offense. And bragging about the locations of American submarines to a fellow authoritarian head of state, while not exactly best practice, may not be all that awful if we're not making an effort to keep their presence at that location secret. And who knows at what level the Trump administration let that intelligence information on the Manchester attacks the Brits shared with us get into the newspapers, causing the SIS to temporarily suspend intelligence sharing with the United States.

But, um,,, Mr. President....  like.... you can't condemn Hillary for using unsecured email servers for State Department business, exposing secret information to interception by anyone with the relatively simple technology needed to do it, and then conduct discussions with foreign leaders on your cell phone.

It just isn't a good idea. So you're grounded.

No cell phone for a week.


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