Too ignorant to be president, too corrupt to be president.... or both?

From James Comey's written testimony for the Senate Intelligence Committee. I expect even more interesting stuff to come.

To call Mr. Trump's line of inquiry improper is to put it mildly. It's the job of the FBI Director not to be personally loyal to the president! He needs to be loyal to the Constitution, to the law, and to his oath of office. Keeping an eye on the president is part of his job.

At the very least this conversation portrays President Trump as a man seeking to suborn dereliction of duty and turn a man the law mandates to be a watchdog into a lapdog instead. This is disturbing beyond words.

I await with interest what else we hear from Director Comey- the man President Trump praised so highly and who the Republican party will now try to discredit in order to defend the position of the pathological liar in the Oval Office.