Trump is STILL misquoting Mayor Khan!

Apparently having everyone point out that he had completely mischaracterized London Mayor Sadiq Khan's statement that Londoners should not be alarmed by an increase in police patrols in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks hasn't helped our national embarrassment of a president.  Mr. Trump tweeted an absurd follow-up to yesterday's tweet today, proving that he had learned nothing from the incident.

This morning POTUS fantasized that Mayor Khan had offered a "pathetic excuse" for the statement he did not, in fact, make in the first place. In fact, the mayor offered no excuse because none was called for. Instead, a spokesman for his office said that the mayor didn't have time to respond to the president's ignorant comments, having more important things to do.

What is pathetic is that even after people have been pointing out for 24 hours that he mischaracterized what Mayor Khan said, the man continues to mischaracterize it.

By the way, it seems that our Buffoon-in-Chief also crossed up his own national security team in his recent NATO debacle speech, failing to endorse the concept of collective defense despite their certainty that he was going to do so. It was in the speech. He simply decided not to include it and didn't warn his own team, who- in what is becoming a custom of this administration- were left with egg on their faces after assuring everyone who asked that the president was going to affirm the principle on the basis of their having seen the speech Mr. Trump impulsively decided to change, throwing a major monkey wrench into our relationship with our NATO allies.

It seems incredible that so many Americans remain so clueless about just how clueless the man they voted for truly is.


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