What a surprise: Buchanan thinks it's all a conspiracy!

Pat Buchanan, the man who thinks the war against Hitler was "unnecessary," also thinks that there is a conspiracy out to "get" President Trump.

It does not surprise me when people like Buchanan and Mr. Trump see conspiracies everywhere. Nor does it surprise me when authoritarian extremists stick together. I think I would be more concerned if Pat Buchanan didn't instinctively side with our somewhat...er, erratic president, and see any opposition to him as some kind of nefarious plot. It's kind of what the alt-right does. For the hard-core supporters of this president, seeing any viewpoint which disagrees with their own as a nefarious plot kind of comes with the territory.

Birds of a feather taken from the very farthest tip of the right wing do stick together. Nobody with any discernment whatsoever has taken Pat Buchanan seriously or has for years. And somehow, the notion that a man who regards the war against Nazism as a mistake has the same opinion of the potential impeachment of Donald Trump is not an especially powerful argument in the president's defense.

HT: Real Clear World


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