Pray for John McCain

Senator John McCain- who, no matter what Mr. Trump says, IS a hero not only because of his Vietnam service and imprisonment but also because of his heroism in the Forrestal incident- has been diagnosed with a glioblastoma- a type of aggressively malignant brain tumor similar to the one which resulted in the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy fifteen months after diagnosis.

This great American is being trashed even now by hateful extremists on both the Left and the Right. Despite my lack of regard for Mr. Trump, I think well enough of him to believe that he wishes Sen. McCain well, and I hope that both Mr. Trump's supporters and their partisan adversaries will be able to give this American hero the respect he deserves and join with me in praying that somehow his life be spared so that he can continue to serve the nation with his characteristic courage, compassion, commitment, and intelligence- and a degree of moderation, goodwill and common sense that is all too rare in this hate-filled and polarized day and age..


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