How dare you, Mr. President?

Imagine that a group of burglars broke into a home and murdered a person who lived there. And now imagine that the mayor held a press conference and condemned violence "on both sides," making no distinction between the murderers and the victim. I suspect that quite a few people on the Right would go bananas, and rightly so.

Well, today white nationalists held rallies on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. A smaller group counter-picketed. A car plowed into a group of counter-demonstrators. One of them was killed. Two policemen also died in a helicopter crash whose cause is being investigated.

President Trump condemned hate and violence "on many sides." In other words, he suggested an equivalence between the KKK and those committed murder on one hand and the victim and the other people demonstrating against racism on the other.

And as always, he made it about himself. He turned the political murder of American citizens into an opportunity to tell lies about employment statistics and talk about trade deals and, in short, to brag about how great he is.

A white nationalist leader re-tweeted the President's statement to the same effect and claimed it as an expression of support, and President Trump can't even be bothered addressing that fact, or the fact that the white nationalists who demonstrated claim that they were doing so in his support.

What have we been doing wrong as a nation that such a thing can happen? Well, for one thing, we elected you.

Ok, Trump people and Republican collaborators in the alt-right occupation of the party of Abraham Lincoln. Go ahead. Try and defend him. Just try,

Good luck. All you can possibly succeed in doing is making yourselves look like racists, too.