Mayor Arreguin is right. The fascists of the left and right should BOTH be treated like street gangs!

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin thinks that Antifa- the violent, black clad left-wing outfit that thinks that the best way to counter fascism is to act like fascists themselves- should be classified as a street gang, and treated accordingly.

Not a bad idea. Of course, the same thing should happen with regard to people whose favorite uniforms are bed sheets and brown shirts, too. This is not a question of free speech; of course, the crazy Left and the crazy Right have just as much right to publically express their opinions and beliefs as anyone else. But neither Antifa nor the Klan nor the Nazis are interested in expressing their opinions and beliefs.

The whole idea behind all of them is to terrorize and silence and physically injure those who have contrary opinions and beliefs and to destroy their property. And nobody has a right to do that.

Someone once said that your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins. 'Nuff said.