I hope I'm wrong....

...but I think signing Darvish was a mistake. Too many pitches on a rebuilt arm- the equivalent of two full years more than Jake Arrieta despite Jake being a few months older.

Only a few months. And a former Cy Young winner. And a money pitcher, which Darvish never has been.

The upside is that the Cubs didn't overpay, and while I don't see it myself, people see him as an elite pitcher.

And it seems that Jake Arrieta turned down a similar deal before the Cubs made this one to Darvish. I can't fault Theo Epstein. He tried.

I just hope Jake doesn't end up with the Cardinals (who might sign him just for spite) or the Brewers.  Or even the Nats. But it begins to look like Mr. Boras may have priced Jake out of the market.