Old Joe Biden is the Democrats' overwhelming choice to oppose Trump

Seems that a CNN poll shows Joe Biden with a lead of 33% to 13% for his closest competitor, Sen. Bernie Sanders, among registered Democrats expressing a preference for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

Maybe Trump has scared the Democrats into backing the strongest potential candidate after all. Although another CNN poll shows that the percentage of Americans who expect President Trump to be re-elected has grown to the point where it's only one percent smaller than those who expect him not to be.

I'd take that second one with a grain of salt. It almost certainly includes pretty much all of Trump's supporters, who tend to believe whatever the party line dictates, among those expecting him to win, while about half the Democrats I know are pessimistic (unrealistically, I think) about the outcome of the 2020 election. Though as I've said before, to nominate one of the obscure, far left potential candidates other than Biden who are commonly listed could well endanger what seems to me to be a likely Democratic victory.

The current Real Clear Politics average of the polls show an approval rating for Mr. Trump of 42%, compared with 53.9% who disapprove. This is pretty much in line with what the polls have shown throughout Mr. Trump's presidency.

Despite the fears of so many Democrats, the 2020 presidential election is theirs to lose. And maybe- just maybe- they'll decide not to do so.  Don't get me wrong. Biden, too, is extreme, and he comes off as being as big a clown as Mr. Trump does. But he does have name recognition, at least a little gravitas- and an actual resume that argues that he just might be what Donald Trump is not: qualified to be president.


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