Publicly praise a narcissist, and he'll do anything you want

Like give a radio broadcast praising and extolling the most brutal dictator on earth to that dictator's tormented people and the persecuted Christians of the dictator's country while the Christians of the narcissist's own country applaud, and the insane leader of an outlaw nation is given credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of the world- even without giving him anything of substance in return.

 Well, ok. An American citizen was returned home. I'll give the authoritarian leaders of North Korea and the United States joint credit for that.

But remember the wonderful "deal" with North Korea which Our Great Orange Leader told us had prevented World War III and stuff? Well, it seems that Kim Jong-Un was lying. Surprise, surprise. The North Koreans have only made promises like that over and over and over for the past fifty or sixty years and broken them every time.

But history is no antidote to the addictive drug that is public praise to a narcissist. Anyway, American intelligence analysts not only are aware that Kim is continuing work on his rocket program despite our being told that it's somehow led to think is longer a threat, but they even know exactly where the missile bases are.

All thirteen of them.


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