Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mennonites who believe in discipleship after all

I personally can't understand biblically oriented members of the ELCA who remain in that denomination now that it has so clearly and so completely broken not only with the Lutheran doctrine of justification (universalism is a false gospel), but with biblical authority generally. But some do.

I'm encouraged to learn that an increasing number of Mennonites, though, are taking the authority of the Bible and their tradition's emphasis on discipleship seriously enough to withdraw from a church body which no longer acknowledges either.

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This had better not be true

Are GOP primary voters really adverse to substantial policy proposals?

I hope not- because the people Republicans have to win over in order to beat Hillary Clinton two years from now aren't!

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Craig Ferguson's classy- and classic- farewell

I'll miss Craig Ferguson, in my opinion the most naturally talented late night talk show host in the history of television. And no, I don't plan to watch Colbert; replacing Letterman with another snarky left-winger when a man of Ferguson's talents was available was not a good move.

We'll see about the post-Craig Late-Late Show.

Anyway, the closing sequence of Craig's final show last night was classic, living up to the quality of the entire 10-year run of the show. It was a combined homage to Newhart, The Sopranos, and St. Elsewhere:

I'll keep watching Celebrity Name Game, of course. And Craig Ferguson- potty mouth that he is- will nonetheless have my best wishes for a long and successful post-Late, Late Show career.

Here's hoping that Craig, Geoff Peterson, and Secretariat return some day to once again do the kind of show that, in my opinion, Craig Ferguson was born to do.

Friday, December 19, 2014

New paper documents Leftist bias in the social sciences

A self-described liberal is among the authors of a new paper pointing out the degree to which the social sciences are compromised by a left-wing bias.

Which will probably spell the end of his academic career. Remember what happened when a PBS president came clean about his network's Leftist slant?

Oh. And incidentally... the paper begins by debunking all those snarky "studies" purporting to show that liberals are by definition smarter than conservatives.

As if anyone but liberals ever believed them to begin with.

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I wonder about China....

According to the State Department, the United States has cut its nuclear arsenal by 85%.

Dumb. Just dumb.

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You just can't get rid of God

Paramount joins the cowards' brigade

The GOP majority is showing evidence of something new for congressional Republicans

When Barack Obama thinks you're not hard-line enough...

A challenge for our pharmacaeutical companies

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bye-bye, Jay

Jay Cutler has been benched in favor of Jimmy Clausen as the Bears' starting quarterback for Sunday's game against Detroit at Soldier Field.

I doubt it will help. But it seems a clear sign that, monster contract or not, Jay is on his way out.

Voters split issue by issue on which party they trust more

According to Rasmussen, voters trust the Republicans more on national security, economic growth, and fiscal restrain.

They trust the Democrats most on education, the environment, and- surprisingly- health care.

Given the priorities most of us have, it seems a good place for the GOP to be in the run-up to 2016.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Trestman reportedly on his way out

Bears coach Marc Trestman, who players say has failed to provide much leadership in the locker room, will reportedly be fired once the season is done.

It's sad, but probably for the best. Clearly the Trestman/Cutler experiment has failed, and the team needs to go in a new direction.

I'll begin crowing about Bear victories in this blog again when they beat the Packers.

Monday, December 15, 2014

'Brave New World' may not be fiction for long

This may well be the scariest thing I've read this waning year- and in this particular time in America, that says something.

But it's inevitable. It's simply where the logic of Roe v. Wade leads, just as the logic of the argument for same-sex "marriage" leads to the abolition of marriage.

Dystopia, anyone?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Pope Francis- and the media- need to read this article

And so do the biblically clueless and logically challenged folks inside the Church and out who think that loving somebody means accepting their broken and self-destructive behavior.

Those who have actually read the Gospels will note that Jesus didn't.

Scott Walker sticks his foot in his mouth- and gets a Hannukah hotfoot

"Thank you and Molotov?"

He meant "mazel tov," of course. But the Lefties are crowing.

Only if the Democrats nominate Joe Biden will this sort of thing be tolerable. You can trust the Left to exploit any gaffe the GOP nominee is guilty of. In fact, his proneness to such moments is the main reservation I have about the potential candidacy of a guy I've had my eye on since he ran in 2000, Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Some memories from the original cast TV productions of Peter Pan

From the Mary Martin/Cyril Richard 1960 version (a black-and-white version was made in 1955):

Cowboy fans quick on the knife

Maybe Chicago fans aren't the ugliest actors in the sports world after all.

As rowdy and obnoxious as they can be, I've never heard of them stabbing fans of the visiting team- much less the home team!

This is not a smart thing to do- and not only because you're apt to go to jail for it.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

We're Number 2!

For the first time since the Grant administration, the United States is not the world's largest economy.

China has displaced us.

Get used to it. They'll be on the moon before we get there again, too. And maybe Mars.

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