Monday, August 31, 2015

Remember when college was for people with HIGH IQ's?

A no-no for Jake Arrieta

Cubs' ace Jake Arrieta no-hit the mighty Los Angeles Dodgers last night.

The Dodgers- and even Arrieta himself- thought that a hard smash off the glove of second baseman Starlin Castro in the third inning should have been a hit. There's a video on the page linked to in the previous sentence; check it out and see what you think.

While it was a tough chance, I personally thought it was an error. Castro should have come up with it.

In any case, it's one more thrill in an exciting year that came at least a year early. This was the year the Cubs were supposed to simply become respectable; instead, they appear to be headed to the playoffs, albeit as the second wild-card team.

Incidentally, Castro cleared waivers after the game- probably not because of his missed chance. He's having a tough year at the plate and his fielding doesn't show any sign of improving. With Addison Russell having taken over at short and an improved Javy Baez coming up to the parent club after Iowa finished its Pacific Coast League season, the former All-Star became expendable. The Cubs are also reported to be interested in Phillies' second baseman Chase Utley.

Which doesn't necessarily mean that El Jefe is going anywhere- though in would be nice if some American League club would be willing to part with a quality pitcher in exchange for him.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Donald is Hillary's best friend

One of the biggest problems with the old, boring, so-what-else-is new Trump boom is the degree to which the media-driven Trump phenomenon is obscuring the problems with Hillary as a potential president.

Hillary is the ultimate beneficiary of the Trump phenomenon. And don't be surprised if he ends up electing her president- whether or not he turns out to be the nominee.

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Chinese and Indians overtake Mexicans as most numerous immigrants to US

Think Mexicans are the largest group of immigrants coming into the US of A?

Think again.

It's the Chinese and Indians.

I wonder whether the Donald will want to build a wall across the Pacific Ocean.

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Not the Planned Parenthood stories.

The lack of reaction to them.

Another Blackhawk legend passes on

First Chico Maki, and now Al Arbour- the glasses-wearing defenseman on the first Blackhawks team I ever followed.

RIP, Al.

Friday, August 28, 2015

If Donald Trump weren't already the Donald Trump of the Left, Hillary Clinton would be!

Donald "I'm For A Single-Payer Healthcare System in Principle" Trump weren't already the Donald Trump of the Left, certainly Hillary Clinton would be.

Get a load of this demagoguery:

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway nails it here.

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Even Donald Trump is right once in a while

Donald Trump may be the northernmost end of a southbound horse, but he's right about America's problem with political correctness.

Moreover, according to a new Rasmussen poll 71% of Americans feel that way, too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jeb has done it again

This is not good.

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Sorry, but I don't get it.

What is the point of this movement, anyway?

A few weeks ago, Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley responded to the "Black Lives Matter" movement by saying that of course they do- that all lives matter.

He was forced to apologize for being insensitive.

Well, don't they?

Not just a river in Egypt

Watching Gwen Ifell and "Washington Week in Review" last weekend, one got the impression that the whole Hillary Clinton email kerfuffle was simply a tempest in a teapot, a temporary distraction. The liberal panel didn't quite come out and echo Hillary's insistence that it's all a Republican publicity stunt (what was that phrase from her husband's administration- "a vast right-wing conspiracy?"), but one could be forgiven for getting that impression.

But according to a new Rasmussen poll, voters are concerned enough about it that nearly half of them think that she should suspend her campaign until the legal issues are sorted out.

Combined with the increasing pressure on Joe Biden to run, one begins to wonder just how in contact with reality Ms. Ifel's panel- and large swathes of the MSM generally- really are where their heroine, Hillary, is concerned.

Denial, as a certain United States senator used to say on "Saturday Night Live," "isn't just a river in Egypt!"

Monday, August 24, 2015

Good question

The Atlantic wonders whether the Republican party can survive Donald Trump.

So do I.

On the other hand, the National Review thinks it will- because the Trump phenomenon won't last.

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Not good news for Hillary

Jerry Brown is encouraging Joe Biden to run for president- and even her fans at CBS are beginning to wonder whether the Democratic party is turning against Hillary Clinton.

CNN- aka "the Clinton News Network"- points out that she's even struggling with women.

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NOAA's global warming numbers are sheer hype

The Washington Times points out that NOAA claims about July being "the hottest month on record" (records have only been kept for 135 years!) are statistically invalid.

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Well, in that case...

Another "statesman" weighs in: Howard Stern thinks Trump will win the nomination.

And the world marvels...

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Trump's immigration Kristallnacht would mean huge growth in Federal power and spending

George Will points out that Donald Trump's Kristallnacht  plan to round up and deport all illegal immigrants would necessitate a huge increase in the size, expense, and intrusiveness of the Federal government.

Powerline points out that Trump is an empire builder.

And Rasmussen reports that while Republican voters understand how critical Hispanic votes are to winning the 2016 election, they remain bound and determined to do everything in their power to alienate Hispanic voters.

It all makes absolutely no sense.

Tell me, Mr. Trump...

If soldiers and sailors and airman who are captured by the enemy and tortured are "losers," are the ones who die for their country "losers," too?

Just a thought.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

After all that hemming and hawing...

Turns out that dozens of Hillary's private server emails were classified from the start, according to U.S. government rules.

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So much for Kasich

Well, I've got my answer about how John Kasich lines up on marriage redefinition.

It comes from his position on abortion. It appears it's futile to look for nuances in his statement about marriage in the first debate.

I'm done even considering Kasich. For now, Jeb remains the best available option despite his shortcomings.

Why Trump STILL won't win

The Guardian reminds us about that inevitable presidential juggernaut, Rudy Giuliani.

And here's another article warning us against jumping to conclusions because of The Donald's poll numbers at this point.

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Well, at least he reads.

The Weekly Standard considers Donald Trump as disciple of Machiavelli.

Earth to Trump supporters!

Ok, I get it.

So you like Donald Trump's boorishness because it's not politically correct. And you also like his totally impractical ideas of deporting all illegal immigrants (or even most of them) and building a wall that will keep new ones out.

Neither is going to happen, of course, because both tasks are humanly impossible. And the price we would pay for transforming ourselves into the kind of police state that would be necessary to implement them... well, suffice it to say that I don't think you'd enjoy the attempt as you do the concept.

And do you really trust a guy who converted from favoring a single-payer system for health care and from pro-choice to pro-life only when he began considering a run for president?

Are you really comfortable with a guy who never served in the military himself, but is willing to insult John McCain and POW's generally- despite McCain's heroic refusal to give information about American targeting under torture?

When was Trump ever tortured by anything worse than having to wait in line to get his favorite latte?

And do you really think a majority of the American people are going to vote for this jerk? Do you really think that anybody other than the hard-core anti-immigration folks even take this joker seriously?

Trump calls McCain a "loser" because Barack Obama beat him in 2008. Well, I've got news for all of you: Trump is a certain loser in November of 2016. And he'll lose far worse than McCain did in 2008. The Gestapo round-up of illegal aliens is never going to happen. The wall is never going to be built.

But Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden will be president of the United States for at least four years after Barack Obama leaves office, and the damage they will do will probably be irreparable.

Are you really willing to accept that just for the satisfaction of throwing a tantrum?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Heil Trump?

Gene Veith suggests the core of Donald Trump's appeal: the Fuhrerprinzip.

Straining at a Romney- and swallowing a Trump?!

Rasmussen says that 57% of Republicans believe that Donald Trump will be the party's 2016 nominee.

I still find it hard to believe that so many Republicans are idiots- or, especially after eight years of Barack Obama, would be willing to throw a way a presidential election that looks like it's in the process of falling into their laps. And how can a party containing so many people who had a problem with Mitt Romney because he was pro-choice years ago so easily be taken in my somebody who was on the far Left on almost every issue only months ago- and still favors a single-payer government health plan?!

I'll tell you one thing: I, for one, will not vote for Donald Trump.


And neither will any other responsible American.

Donald Trump will never be president. But he does have the ability to ensure that Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden or Crazy Bernie will be. And he's a monumental embarrassment not only to the Republican party, but to America.

And in a year when the GOP is sporting the strongest field of potential nominees in decades?

Really, Republicans?

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Busted for sure this time

Thursday, August 20, 2015

"...What rough beast, its hour come 'round at last...."


Just no.

Under no circumstances whatsoever will Ted Cruz ever be the "establishment" candidate for president.

Or mine.

Another physicist says warp drive is feasible

Yet another physicist has said that Star Trek's warp drive is not only feasible, but can be available in this century.

Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre has argued the point for quite a while. Now astrophysicist Gerraint Lewis of the University of Sydney is making the same argument.

Both scientists argue that Einstein's theory of relativity validates the concept.

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Is Carly getting shafted by CNN?

CNN's inexplicable decision to average in earlier polling data to rank GOP presidential candidates may exclude Carly Fiorina from the second debate as well!

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Jimmy Carter's cancer spreads to his brain

His cancer has spread to his brain.

Regardless of our politics, we all should be praying for Mr. Carter and his family right now.

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Hillary says that the gun is smoking

Hillary Clinton has admitted that classified materials were in fact on her private email server.

But she has no idea how they got there.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kasich needs to amplify that statement on marriage redefinition

I really want to hear Ohio Gov. John Kasich say more about his "time to move on" stance on marriage redefinition.

I've always liked him, and I sense that he could be a winner in 2016- especially with Hillary Clinton, the Democrats' only half-way credible candidate, in the process of imploding. He's a pragmatist with the ability to appeal to people beyond the small minority of fanatics which Republican true believers fanaticize are a majority of the American people. He's a centrist who is more concerned with reality and with solving problems than with an ideological narrative.

We need politicians like that the way a man marooned in the Sahara Desert needs water.

As Rebecca Berg points out, he's not about to make much headway here in Iowa, where voters of both parties like their meat raw and their politicians foaming at the mouth. But he's in third place and closing in on Jeb Bush in New Hampshire, and although I was somewhat put off by his "the Court has decided, so let's move on" line about marriage redefinition in the first debate, maybe he only means that it's time to talk about other things. Historically he has favored a constitutional amendment protecting the right of states to restrict marriage to one man and one woman, and I'd really like to know whether he still feels that way.

If he does, and is simply saying that we need to work on drawing people together rather than hitting the hot-button issues that people in Iowa are so fond of, he could really, really tempt me away from Jeb, who seems to share the familial talent for sticking his foot in his mouth and who is- whether he should be or not- handicapped by having a brother who remains extremely unpopular with the electorate.

Kasich might well emerge as the anti-Trump, the candidate who offers substance where the Donald and many of the hard-Right Republicns offer only bluster- and who could actually win the presidency and accomplish something. Trump and Cruz and Rand Paul, for example, can do neither.

But I want to know more about this marriage redefinition thing. Is he advocating surrender, or only a tactical retreat and a general cooling of our national jets? Is he saying that we should stop being concerned about the fate of society's most basic institution, or only that we should stop screaming at each other about it and lower our voices a bit? The answer to that question could tell us whether he's exactly what the nation needs right now, or just another politician playing to the polls, differing from Ted Cruz and Donald Trump only in that the polls he's looking at are for the general election rather than for the Republican primaries.

These two articles have Donald Trump pretty much nailed

Is Donald Trump an American version of Vladimir Putin?

Are his unworkable plans to build a wall across our border with Mexico and deport all undocumented aliens a form of pornography for modern American Know-Nothings?

Yes, and yes.

HT: Real Clear Politics

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More woes for Hillary- but that doesn't necessarily mean good news for the GOP

It may not just be the emails on her server that could embarrass Hillary Clinton. There are also other issues- like who had access to the server- which could be a problem for the former Secretary of State.

The servers, btw, were kept in a bathroom closet.

The State Department says that 17,855 emails from Hillary's advisors are missing.

If Donald Trump wasn't making not only himself but the GOP rank-and-file look ridiculous, I'd say the prospects for the Republicans would be looking up right now. But Trump is an even bigger embarrassment than Joe Biden, and as radical as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Jerry Brown and even the post-2000 Al Gore are, they're at least serious people (more or less) with better qualifications than The Donald has.

Nominating Trump might be the one thing that could lose the 2016 election for the Republicans (well, other than nominating Ted Cruz or Rand Paul or Rick Perry or Donald Duck). Fortunately, I still have a tough time believing that the angry voters' tantrum(p) will last all the way to the Iowa Caucuses, much less until the convention in Cleveland.

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