Plurality says we're not spending enough on national security

Speaking of the Iowa Senate race....

More Democratic embarassment

Abe Lincoln once quoted a man being ridden out of town on a rail after being tarred and feathered as saying, "If it weren't for the honor of the thing, I'd rather walk."

The same is true of being a Democrat, I'm sure.

Or would be, if members of the party of Joe Biden were capable of being embarrassed...

Wonders never cease.

Bruce Braley is actually running a couple of adds which 1) are positive, and 2) seem to be more or less truthful.


A pride of lions. A clowder of cats. A murder of crows. An uncleanness of magpies...

...a stand of Lutherans, a mass of Catholics, a dunk of Baptists...

And an embarrassment of Democrats?

Maybe there's some hope in all kinds of unlikely places

As Gene Veith notes, back in the day Lutherans had their "crypto-Calvinist controversy."
And now, it seems, Calvinists are having a "crypto-Lutheran controversy."
Seems that some Presbyterians are actually daring to grant the Sacraments the place in the Christian life that Scripture does.

So maybe there's some hope for our brethren who traditionally have trouble deciding whether they're disciples of Christ or of Plato. And who knows? Maybe, if we look hard enough, we might even find a few crypto-Lutherans in the ELCA.

Nahhhhh. Surely by now they all have left.

Still, you can never tell...

Joni Ernst and "Steyer's Liars:" those bogus NextGen smear ads

Bruce Braley has, at this point, run precisely one ad (at least that I've seen) that wasn't a bogus attack on Joni Ernst.

Braley's favorite harrangue seems to be based on three absurd notions: that minimum wage jobs are intended to be the means by which people and families support themselves, that raising the minimum wage will help the poorest among us rather than causing their employers to eliminate jobs they can no longer pay people to do, and that Joni Ernst is somehow out of touch because she knows better than to believe either absurdity.

But the real heavy carrying in Braley's almost exclusively negative campaign has been done by an out-of-state billionaire's pet PAC, Tom Steyer's environmental group NextGen. Steyer's group has simply recycled discredited ads from previous campaigns, and used them to attack Ernst.

More on Steyer's deceit here. And still more here.

Here's one of the sleazy Iowa ads, which PolitiFact characterizes simply as "false;"

Here is PolitiFact's critique of the same charge made in Virginia a few years back regarding the save pledge.

Here's the text of the pledge in question, which certainly has nothing to do with shipping American jobs overseas, or any danger of that happening:

I, ______, pledge to the taxpayers of the ______ district of the state of ______ and to the American people that I will:

One, oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses; and

Two, oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.

Americans for Tax Reform, the organization which sponsored the pledge, responds to the charges against Ernst this way:

First, Americans for Tax Reform’s main problem with the bill is that it eliminated a tax credit without finding another avenue to reduce taxes by the same amount, which the pledge requires.

People who sign the pledge wouldn’t support any tax increase or tax credit elimination, no matter the context, so it is misleading to tie their tax positions to other issues like outsourcing, said Eric Toder, co-director of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, a think tank.

They wouldn’t close a (tax) subsidy to bring jobs home, either.

In theory, signers could have voted for the 2010 bill if it had eliminated other taxes to make up for closing the loopholes.

Second, this particular vote happened in 2010, almost three years before Ernst signed the pledge, and she was not in an elected position at the time -- let alone in a position in which she would have voted on this bill. She has no ties to this legislation.

The ad is, quite simply, a bald-faced lie- just like the whopper that Ernst wants to eliminate tax breaks for Iowa alternative energy companies. But doesn't it make Joni seem evil? Corrupt, even; I love that part with the brief case, clearlyimplying that Ernst is being bribed somehow by unnamed "special interests!"

Amazing how positively demonic "Steyer's Liars" can make a simple promise not to raise taxes without a corresponding cut in spending seem!

And the really significant thing is that, thus far, this particular piece of mud is the sum-total of Bruce Braley's campaign!

Hillary shoots herself- and her party- in the foot

Hillary Clinton obviously has to distance herself from an unpopular incumbent president of her own party. And she has a track record as a foreign policy hawk, despite her tenue as Barack Obama's secretary of state. So she's picked a fight with the administration over foreign policy, and the administration is fighting back.

Which-given the dovish character of the Democratic party generally- may not bode well for her 2016 bid to succeed Mr. Obama.

All of a sudden, Hillary is persona non grata on the party's Left (does it have anything other than a Left?)

Since Hillary is probably the only Democrat who can win in 2016, this does not bode well for those who ride the jackass.

I love it!

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As marriage redefiition goes, so goes Christian sexual morality generally

Support for same-sex "marriage" compatible with support for biblical sexual morality otherwise?

Don't kid yourself.

Bruce Braley certainly has chutzpah

Chutzpah is a wonderful Yiddish word that has been defined as that quality exhibited by a person who murders both of his parents, and when called to account pleads for mercy on the ground that he is an orphan.

Iowa Democrat Bruce Braley has chutzpah. A member of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee, Braley has missed 79% of the committee's meetings, having better things to do-things often involving fund raising for his Senate campaign.

And now his Senate campaign is hiring unemployed veterans through a temp service at $12-$14 an hour to tell their peers how great Bruce Braley is for veterans!

One thing is certain: whatever Braley lacks as far as zeal in fighting for veterans in the midst of the VA scandal, he makes up for in chutzpah.

Ah, well. Perhaps some of that money he raised when he should have been at that VA reform hearing will do a few veterans some good after all.

Lt. Col. Ernst, Braley's opponent, is a combat veteran of Iraq.

American conservatives protest Iran's execution of gays

Iowa Senate race a dead heat

The just-released Rasmussen poll has Republican Joni Ernst and Democrat Bruce Braley tied in the race for retiring Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin's seat.

Ernst and Braley each have 43%.

The race, it should be noted, was supposed to be a landslide for the Democrats.

No kidding!

Speaking of McCarthyism....

Joni finally fights back on the renewable energy smear

Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst has (finally) demanded that six Iowa TV stations pull a "deliberately misleading" ad falsely accusing her of opposing Federal subsidies for Iowa renewable energy initiatives.

Ernst pointed out that while she is philosophically opposed to the idea of the subsidies "in a perfect world," as long as they continue she will fight to see that the Iowa initiatives are included. NextGen, the left-wing environmental group which sponsors the ad, says that Iowa voters "won't buy" the distinction.

Christopher Rants, upon whose column NextGen based the ad, says that it misrepresents what he wrote.

Ernst continues to lead Braley in Iowa Senate squeaker

Republican Joni Ernst continues to lead Bruce Braley in the Iowa Senate race- although the larger the sample, the better it looks for Democrat Braley.

A series of well-made negative ads focusing on Ernst's signing of a pledge supposedly supporting oil interests rather than renewable energy sources- a significant source of employment in Iowa- may well be having an impact.

So far, Ernst has not responded to the attacks. It should be noted that she was forced to run to the Right of her comfort zone in the primary by the extreme nature of the Iowa Republican party, and may now be paying the price.

The Iowa Democrat party, it should be noted, is just as extreme.

Braley, on the other hand, has been the target of ads pointing out that he has missed 75% of full House Veterans' Affairs Committee meetings (79% of all meetings relating to that committee), despite the VA scandal and his own boasting about his work supporting veterans.

It's an ugly race, and it looks like it's going to be a close one.

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Who knows?

Mitt isn't it

I recently saw a poll which said that if the 2012 election were held today, not only would a majority of voters be very surprised, but 53% of them would vote for Mitt Romney.

Yes- as this article from across the pond indicates- events since the election have vindicated Romney on issue after issue where he and President Obama clashed during the campaign. And I continue to hold Romney in high regard. But the bottom line is that he's still the poster child for wealth and privilege, and a sitting duck for Democratic class warfare.

The GOP can find a stronger candidate.

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GOP voters wary of both Tea Party and establishment

A new Rasmussen poll shows that Republican voters are wary of Tea Party candidates, and suspicious of "establishment" ones.

Sounds like intelligent voters to me. Would that Democratic voters were more skeptical of their party's candidates and leaders!


We're bombing Iraq again.

It seems that when Mr. Obama ends a war, it doesn't stay ended.

But of course, that's pretty much the track record of appeasers, isn't it?

They're goose-stepping again in Europe

Anti-Semitism in Europe is now at its highest point since Hitler.

Which- given much of the international reaction to Israel's defense of its own people from Hamas- is hardly a surprise.

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