Friday, April 24, 2015

If we knew our history better, we would think much less of Thomas More

As Gene Veith- and Hillary Mantel- point out, Thomas More may have been a Roman Catholic saint. But he was not a very nice person. For one thing, one of his favorite dishes was roasted Protestant. He was quite an accomplished bigot and persecutor of "heretics," to say nothing of murderer.

Nor was Thomas Crowmell nearly as much a Machiavellian monster as he is often painted.


Even liberal pressure group Common Cause is calling for an audit of the Clinton Foundation.

What's the rush?  Iss a five year-old really even ready to make a life-changing decision like gender "reassignment?"

Yet another study has undermined the climate alarmists. This one- from Duke University- not only says that climate change has slowed, but that recent changes are due to "natural variations-" precisely what those constantly slandered by the Left have insisted that the data is too sparse to exclude as a cause.

Carly Florina's potential Republican presidential candidacy is beginning to intrigue a lot of people who relish the prospect of seeing her face off with Hillary.

A new study shows that regular exercise doesn't help you overcome obesity after all.

The deportation of illegal immigrants has plummeted due to the Obama administration's change in policy. A report says that the Department of Homeland Security is engaged in a crash program to naturalize 9 million immigrants by the 2016 presidential election. Another report- by the Congressional Research Office- says that immigration has increased by 325% and the income of the bottom 90% of Americans has dropped by ten percent from 1970 to 2013. Middle class income has apparently dropped below 1970's levels.

And finally, the Student Government Association of Youngstown State University in Ohio has- quite properly and, in fact, commendably, in my view- ordered the removal of "Stright Pride" posters which had appeared on campus. The posters- replete with vulgarity- clearly were aimed, not at expressing a viewpoint on the morality of a behavior as such or on any political issue, but merely at demeaning a group of people those who posted them claimed to be "proud" not to be.

I don't think the First Amendment was seriously endangered by the removal of rude and pointless posters which were clearly in poor taste and served no constructive purpose.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Here comes Carly!

Secretary One Percent and an unsound Foundation

Noah Rothman writes that "nobody is buying that Hillary is anything other than the candidate of Wall Street."

And here is a report from the New York Times- the New York Times!- savaging the history and the administration of the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation.

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One more supporter of marriage redefinition who 'gets' tolerance and civility. They do exist!

My opposition to marriage redefinition and the ongoing attempt to coerce America into recognizing sodomy as the moral equivalent of the reproductive act has resulted in a predictable response from those who disagree. I am libeled. I have my motives attacked. I am called names. But I am never rebutted by reasoned argument. And the truly fascinating thing is that such attacks are most common on posts simply observing that in specific instances the other side argues by libel and name-calling rather than by rational debate!

I thank those who have posted on my Google+ account (they're apparently too smart to do it here) and so promptly and vividly reinforced my argument by doing exactly what I deplored in the posts for which they attacked me!

There is a reason for this. The cultural Left aims to win out not by winning a debate, but by preventing one. It has largely succeeded. After all, if you can start the discussion by defining those who take a position even Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton took a couple of years ago as bigots, you don't have to listen to what they have to say. In fact, you can silence them, equating them with the Ku Klux Klan and implying that to suggest that it's OK to have religious or moral problems with homosexual behavior- or to suggest that affirming a false equivalency between same-sex relationships and traditional marriage might be worth discussing before we as a society cross that line are one with Westburo Baptist Church and the late (and not missed) Fred Phelsps.

Why bother winning a debate when you can intimidate, discredit, and silence the opposition without having to even engage their arguments?

The thing is, of course, that not all gays and lesbians (or straight supporters of marriage redefinition) are totalitarians at heart. Here is an example of someone who believes in extending our definition of marriage to same-sex couples who nevertheless deplores the Gestapo tactics those who agree with them have made their customary response to those of us who do not.

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Hawks one win from advancing; Darling still strong in goal

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

God is never, never, never, NEVER gonna flood the world again. He really, really, really, REALLY means it!

The pot is calling the kettle rich

Uber One Percenter Hillary Clinton, like Lucy Riccardo, "'s got some 'splainin' to do."

You know the Clinton Foundation?

Read it and weep.

Or laugh. It's up to you.

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Here comes Addison Russell!

Looks like another Cub phenom is being called up to The Show.

Addison Russell is reportedly on his way to Wrigley.

And with that, we now have one post for each of my professional teams today.

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RIP Doug Buffone

Former Chicago Bear great Doug Buffone has passed away at age 70.

May Buffone- one of the finest linebackers ever to play the game- rest in peace.

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Hard to argue

Monday, April 20, 2015

Sacramental abortion

You have no idea how extreme the Democratic party's love affair with abortion has become.

Prepare to be shocked- and once more appalled by the Left's totalitarian proclivity for compelling people they disagree with to violate their consciences and religious beliefs.

Jefferson would be ashamed of his party. So would every other Democratic president or presidential nominee up until Bill Clinton.

And maybe even Clinton, who at least wanted to make abortion "safe, legal and rare."

"Safe," of course, is a matter of perspective.

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Kasich readies presidential candidacy

One of the Republican Party's strongest potential presidential candidates- Ohio's popular governor, John Kasich- has formed a 527 group called New Day for America, and headed by former Sen. John Sununu.

Kasich is a playa.

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Eagles to sign Tebow

The nuke deal bombs

Still think that nuke deal with Iran is gonna work?

Think again.

I know. Maybe the Iranian military are Republicans.

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Sometimes, "progressives" are SO funny!

There is no such thing as liberal intolerance, and anybody who disagrees with liberalism should be silenced.

Makes sense to you? Not to me.

Oh. And by the way... study after study has shown that children of same-sex couples do often grow up having trouble forming appropriate relationships with the opposite sex. And once again- you can't be a bigot for disapproving of a behavior.

Just sayin'.

ADDENDUM: It is now 2:06 on Monday afternoon, April 21. I just read yet another comment on Google+ from a logically-challenged individual who has taken to reacting to my posts on the subject of marriage redefinition and liberal intolerance with hate-filled tirades illustrating precisely the point I made above. In fact, he's reporting me to Google- who, while it may not laugh in his face, will doubtless give his complaint the attention it deserves ;).

Like I said. Sometimes "progressives" are SO funny!

Darling starts- and stands tall for the Hawks

When Corey Crawford struggled in Game One of the Blackhawks first-round series with Nashville, Chicagoan Scott Darling came in and saved his bacon.

When the Crow was lit up for six goals in Game Two, Darling came in again in relief- unfortunately too late to help.

Yesterday Darling started in goal for the Hawks- who beat the Preds 4-2 to take a two-games-to-one lead in the best-of-seven series.

Meanwhile, check out the opening of yesterday's game at the UC, which has gone viral:

Sunday, April 19, 2015


So now will the Democrats apologize to Romney?

Aw, Bain Capital isn't so bad!

After all, uber-"Progressive" former Democratic governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick is its new head!

Oh, the hypocrisy! So will the Democrats all apologize to Mitt Romney now?

Didn't think so.

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A glimpse at the current state of the GOP field from the Washington Examiner

Next to Hillary Clinton, America's best-paid CEO might as well be slinging hamburgers

John Hammergrin is America's best-paid CEO, with an annual salary of $131,200,000. That's $2,523,077 a week, $504.615 a day, and $63,977 an hour.

That's a lot of bread. Clearly, Old John is part of the One Percent- the kind of guy Hillary Clinton has in the crosshairs of her "populist' campaign.

On the other hand, based on Hillary's fee of $300,000 per speech, she makes $634,000,000 a year, $78,000,000 a day, $15,000,000 a week, and $300,000 an hour.

Mitt Romney could only dream.

So the natural question arises: who, pray tell, does Hillary- or for that matter the other wealthy Democrats who wage class warfare so valiantly- think they're fooling?

Evidentially they're fooling about half the country. Maybe more.

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ADDENDUM: Even Rolling Stone recognizes that what Hillary is offering is "fake populism!"

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Yes, Virginia. The United States DOES have an established religion

I've believed for many years that the United States actually has an established religion, regardless of what the First Amendment says: the Church of the Lowest Common Denominator. Heresy is insisting on anything about the generic god we as a nation worship that anybody else might disagree with.

But Gene Veith shares an interesting alternative take on the subject. Yuval Levin, it seems, has put forward quite a persuasive argument that in fact our national religion is the Church of the Left- and it seems that Barack Obama is our Torquemada.

The position of the Left is that you can believe whatever you want- just as long as you don't act on your beliefs. This is not, of course, Jefferson's position, nor Madison's, nor that of any other of the Founders. Nor is it a position that Christianity or Judaism or Islam or any other religion would consider an acceptable practice for its adherents.

It is a form of piety unique to the Church of the Left- which is bound and determined to force the rest of us to conform.

Is Pluto angry rather than embarassed at no longer being a planet?

Despite what the first New Horizons photo of Pluto appears to show, Pluto may be turning red with rage rather than pale with embarrassment at the news that it's no longer a planet.

At least that's what the chemistry says. And Hubble observations support it.

Meanwhile, here's the north pole of another dwarf planet, Ceres- which was also briefly considered a planet before we realized that it was simply the largest of a new class of objects called "asteroids." The Ceres story was in many ways a parallel to what happened when we realized that Pluto was merely a large- if typical- Kuiper Belt Object. The photo was taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft.

Huckabee announces tonight

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee- "the Other Man from Hope-" will announce his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination tonight on Fox News.

Huckabee won the 2008 Iowa Caucuses, and retains strong support among religious conservatives in this state. But he'll have to share that demographic with several other candidates this time, likely including 2016 Iowa winner Rick Santorum.

The population of my adopted state is about to experience its quadrennial temporary explosion.

Apparently it's not only the major daily newspapers that are going under

Lack of both money and interest is causing an epidemic of high school newspaper elimination.

Of course, it would probably help if more American high school students could read...

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nothing 'evangelical' about these guys!

Gene Veith ponders the degree to which many so-called "evangelicals" are theologically nothing more or less than non-sacramental Roman Catholics. And this includes some of the most anti-Catholic of the bunch.

Remarkable how people who think that Jesus died simply to give us the chance to pay part of our own moral tab at a discount can think of themselves as in any conceivable sense "evangelical!" But then, I've long since given up trying to figure out how many who claim that label can consider it appropriate.

The playoffs are off to a good start

Blackhawks 4, Preds 3 in double overtime. The Good Guys have a one game to none lead in the best-of-seven Stanley Cup first round, and have stolen home ice advantage in the series.

Jennings Trophy co-winner Corey Crawford had a rocky start, and was relieved by native Chicagoan Scott Darling in the second period. Scott proved up to the challenge.

Time to bring our Cup back home. GO HAWKS!

If Carly is the nominee, who can Hillary say the GOP is waging war on?

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fioina sayid last month that was "a 90 percent chance" that she'll seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

And, as she observes, her candidacy would take away a bit of Hillary's thunder. After all, it would be hard for the former Secretary of State to exploit her gender and portray the GOP as "anti-woman" if her opponent also has two X chromosomes.

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